Saturday, 29 March 2014

Ida Sjöstedt X Monki

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I hope you've all enjoyed your week of work (or week off for some people that have their break now), my week has certainly hectic with studying for my actual GCSE'S *cries* in May and June, and to be honest, I've been revising so hard for some subjects that my head is, in the best way to describe it, 'buzzing' from all this knowledge that I'm forcing myself to remember. But let's just put these exam worries in a nice, empty box, and put it away, as I write for you guys today. So yesterday I was at a wedding, and it started at 10am, and we left at 11pm. I know what you're thinking, but after the week I've had, I was actually so tired that I was ready to pass out in the taxi home by the end of the night. 

So recently I was scouring the web for things to write about *inspo inspo inspo* and I'm a big fan of Monki, so to see if they had a new collection coming out I just googled, and up came this great new collab that I'm dying to tell you all about. The only problem was that all the articles were foreign (norwegian according to good old google translate) but eventually I got it all translated so I could get the full deets about this hot new collection, which I know will be huge during festival season when it's released.
IDA SJÖSTEDT FOR Monki: The Swedish designer launches her third collection for clothing chain 23  April.
images courtesy of 
So my style is changing constantly, but one thing that always sticks with me is pastels and delicate patterns, even though I may not wear them all the time, whenever a collection includes something along the lines of that, I'm straight on it, that scene is mine for the blogging (see what I did there? Clever ain't I). I'm also shamefully obsessed with florals, and I know people seriously hate the trend, since it comes around at the same time every year, but I can't get enough, there, I said it. 
Ida Sjostedt (she types whilst making a thousand mistakes), is a Swedish designer, and is well known for her use of 'Dreamy designs, and amazing dresses' according to Norwegian magazine KK, and as I look at her wedding dresses and previous collections, you can see clearly that she is constantly channeling this vibe in her designs, whether it be some sweet lace at the hem, or some major florals all over the playsuit, shorts, etc.
 She's also a huge fan of lace as I study her work more thoroughly, and the Pajama/loose fitting style is clearly popular with her. 
By now I'm seriously interested in just everything about this lady, she's amazing, but there's one quote from her that really catches my eye, and that is 'I think that all girls, regardless of their style, have a little princess in them. I design for the princesses.' This just had me smiling from ear to ear, because every girl does have their inner princess, they just need to find it and own it.
I'm loving her use of mint green in a lot of her designs, it's a great shade that can really be worn all year around but on specific pieces of the outfit, but it's also good that she's not gone overboard, because too much of any one toned pastel can just drown you out, and you just end up looking like an ice cream that you've bought on Brighton Pier. She's also used floral crowns to accessorize the outfits in a lot of the shoot images, and I must say I'm very pleased, I've never personally bought one, but these little headbands of joy make every girl look like a princess, but with a leather jacket you can add a more edgy/grungier vibe to it. The heels that she's used are interesting, but who doesn't love a good platform shoe eh? Even if they do look a bit like they've come out of frankenstein's monster's walk in wardrobe. 
There's also almost a regal essence to the collection, and I can imagine long curly waves and golden jewellery being used to accessorize these dresses, and maybe, if you're feeling totally princessy, then a little (or big, depending on how regal you're feelin') crown would be as suitable for the look.
I'm seriously just in love with this shoot. It just looks as if the girls who are modelling are having a great time, and I love it when I see carefree advertising like that. They are also smiling! And you will know if you've read one of my previous posts that I love it when models smile, it just sucks me in, and I want to know more about the desinger, the collection, and sometimes even the models themselves! I'm a nosey little bugger like that. Unfortunately, this collection doesn't come cheap, and as I've heard, the collab between Monki and Ida's prices start at around £200. Ouch. But on the plus side guys, if you ever win the lottery, or can afford the collection, then I'd suggest you buy something quick! Because I'm expecting big things from Ida. The collection releases her on the 23rd of April I believe (correct me if I'm wrong), so get ready guys, festival fashion is upon us!

Monday, 24 March 2014

I'm so Fancy: Iggy Azalea 'Clueless' Tribute

Hi Everyone!
Whether you love Iggy Azalea or hate her, if you're a fan of the nineties film 'Clueless', then it's impossible to not love Iggy's new music video with fellow 'quirky girl' Charlie XCX. The video was released earlier this month, but it's just become more well known in the UK over the past week or so, and fans are all going crazy over the utter flawlessness of the vid. If you haven't seen the film Clueless, then *cough it's the most amazing film in the world and basically sums up every teen girls childhood cough*  I'll give you a brief summary...
'Cher, a high school student in Beverly Hills, must survive the ups and downs of adolescent life. Her external demeanor at first seems superficial, but rather it hides her wit, charm, and intelligence which help her to deal with relationships, friends, family, school, and the all-important teenage social life.'
(Courtesy of
 images are courtesy of I do not own any of these pictures.
Clueless was basically the 'it' film of the mid-late nineties. My Mum's friend went to see it in the cinema when she was younger, so when I was about ten years old and we were sat around the dinner table since I was over at theirs to play with her daughter, she was shocked when I said I hadn't seen it, so she let me watch it, and ever since that day in the summer holidays, I've been obsessed with the main character Cher. 
The most important thing by far about the movie is that it pays so much attention to the way all the character dresses, and everytime I watch it, I get different outfit inspirations, whether it be to go with yellow tartan (above and below) or to wear chunky heels with a tight fitted red dress. 
All the characters have different styles, but since Cher is the main character, they've made sure you can see her clearly in every seen, as she hardly ever wears anything but bold colours and prints, and her personality on top of that, well, let's just say she's hard to miss.
Iggy makes sure to mirror Cher's personality as she struts down the corridors of the school where the video is filmed, and absolutely rocks all of the inspired outfits from the movie. 
I think a lot of people can consider Iggy as a marmite artist, some people get her, some people think she's absolutely off her trolley. But she's different.

By looking at her face and not knowing she was a rapper originally from Australia, you'd think she was just another pretty face, but her style and personality makes her who she is, and although I may not completely be in love with her music, I am in love with her personality.
Charlie XCX also appears on the record, and she may be even crazier than Iggy. You may have heard her single 'superlove' drop in the last recent couple of months, her music is totally wacky and I absolutely love it! I can't wait for these guys to hopefully duet again, and I know it will be even more special than their last encounter!

Thanks for reading, and let me know whether you loved or loathed this Clueless inspired music video, or whether you're a fan of these two or not!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Women/Girls Who Inspire Me Daily: Actresses and Real Life Heroines

Hello Everyone!
I hope you're all enjoying your day, and since work/school is over for another day for people who aren't on holiday, we should all sit down and have a little catch up.
So today I thought I would write about something that's been floating in my little ideas palace (yes I call it that) for a while, and that is to talk about my female inspirations, who keep me going everyday in lots of different ways. Sometimes when I'm lacking inspiration to write my posts or just having a life 'crisis' day in general, I watch my idols movies, listen to their songs, or just look at what they've accomplished and think 'I can do that' and that's one of the reasons why I'm still writing for you today, because along with my passion and your support, these women who I'm about to speak about also inspire me (as well as you guys who I absolutely adore) everyday to keep on with what I'm doing so I can reach my goal, because they are living their dreams right now, so why not keep with what I love so when I'm older maybe I'll live my dream out? Sop to one side, here are the ladies themselves, let me know in the comments below if anyone inspires you through your day, or if you love the same girls as I am about to speak about.
I've been a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence for about three years now, and although it's always hard to see your idol getting bigger when you've watched their career grow over the years, it's nice to know that I've somewhat helped with it.
from buying up all her movies to talking about her non stop on twitter since the day I watched Winter's Bone for the first time (her first movie she was nominated for an oscar in). Jen is such a talented actress and all round fabulous person, she never takes criticism to heart even though it may sometimes be hard for her.
In a Vogue interview, she said 'I'm never going to starve myself for a part. I don't want little girls saying 'oh I want to look like Katniss, so I'm going to skip dinner!'
Ever since I read the quote I've loved her even more, she may receive criticism for not going to the gym, or asking for a McDonalds on the red carpet *very funny interview quote, google it*, but at the end of the day she understands the troubles teen girls and boys, even adults go through with body confidence issues, and she's made it clear she isn't going to starve herself to make it big in Hollywood, and her guts and determination are worthy of all her awards and accomplishments, and let's all hope she will continue to love us as much as we love her!
*I do not own any of these pictures, photo of Malala courtesy of Glamour and Brigitte Lacombe

Over the christmas period, a lot of people thought giving me novels, biographies, and true stories in both English and Welsh was a good idea to help with my journalism path, to maybe learn about some people that are moulding our civilization today, and even though I'm aiming at fashion journalism ideally, I would like to take a journalism degree. My Nain bought me Malala Yousafzai's autobiography and life story 'I am Malala', and after reading it I now recommend it to a lot of people, my age and above.
She speaks about education and her life so passionately, and it was a very gripping yet easy read, I couldn't put it down. If you don't know her story, Malala was brought up in a small community in Pakistan, and in Pakistan they have a completely different approach to education amongst girls, and their life is basically uneducated, and they stay at home and look after the children.
In some provinces in Pakistan, such as the swat valley from where Malala was born, the taliban at times banned girls from going to school. Malala was an education activist in the valley, and she'd written for the BBC, and had documentary's filmed about her and the valley in where she was being educated.
But on the morning of the 9th of October, 2012, she was boarding her school bus, when a gunman approached her and asked if she was Malala, she said yes, and the man shot her in the head. She was sent for treatment in the UK. She is now fit and healthy, and after many petitions by the government and activists, there is now a scheme in her country to try and get every girl educated or in school by 2015.
Her story is truly inspirational, and if you haven't read the book yet, please do, you won't regret it.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any heroines. Have a nice 1st March everyone!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Through A Woman's Eyes: Men's Worst Fashion Sins - Guest Post

Hello Everyone! 
Recently a very talented writer called Izzy Evans contacted me through email asking whether she could write for my blog. I'm always open to have guest posters so I was looking forward to what Izzy had in store for me, it took merely a couple hours before she got back to me with the post, and to be honest I was very glad she had contacted me! I absolutely love this post, I think that it's a great piece of writing, and Izzy should be very proud of it. So without further ado here's her post, let her know in the comments if you enjoyed it!
Not every man will get it right all the time, let's face it some of the hottest guys on the planet have got it wrong once or twice. The fashion industry is forever changing, what's hot today will not be hot tomorrow, however there are ways that you can reduce the chance of you making any fashion faux pars. 
Trust me, taking a few hints from a woman with be worth your while. Avoiding the following list of fashion sins and adjusting your wardrobe accordingly will put you on the right path to avoiding any major styling mistakes anytime soon.
*All images are courtesy of google images, I do not own any of these pictures.

O V E R  B R A N D I N G 
Designer clothing is totally worth spending your hard earned money on the item if your buying is worth the investment. You should only splash out if you are investing in a quality piece made to a high standard which fits you perfectly. Guys fall into the trap of over branding too easily these days, if you love the label fair enough but try and be discreet about it. Brands with flashy over the top logos are just a big no no!

C A N V A S  S L I P - O N S
Unless you're walking along a beach, the Caribbean canvas slip ons are a massive fashion faux pas. Firstly they are poorly made so they eventually end up falling apart, but most of all they get dirty incredibly quickly so end up looking scruffy. Women judge a guy by what they wear on their feet - bare that in mind.

P R O F E S S I O N A L  IN  B A C K P A C K S
We get it, backpacks are functional but they do not compliment a suit and tie very well. If you've moved from the newly graduated bracket to the professional world then it's time to ditch the backpack and opt for a leather messenger bag or briefcase. 

C L O T H I N G  T H A T  IS  T O O  B I G

Choosing clothing that actually fits you is crucial, no woman finds guys in oversized baggy clothes a catch.
Women want to be able to see a guys body shape - oversized clothing only hides this. When it comes to fit opt for body skimming clothing, this will show your physique off by complimenting your body shape and not hiding it.

O V E R S T U F F E D  W A L L E T S

There is nothing worse than seeing big bulked out pockets on a guy. Those bulges come in all the wrong places and it's highly distracting from the slick streamlined look you're aiming for. Opt for a slim wallet, ditch your old receipts, unused business cards and handful of coppers and only carry the necessities.
If your pockets are so overstuffed that they look like they're going for burst then it really is time to invest in a bag. If bags aren't your thing then you could opt for a blazer or jacket with pockets inside - this way you can carry those day to day necessities without comprimising on style.

Thanks for reading, I'll hopefully be posting again today, but let me know if you'd like to see more guest posts.