Friday, 11 July 2014

My Secret Revealed: I Edited a Magazine!

Dear Fellow Nerds...
So if you follow me on twitter you'll know that I have been hinting now and again for exciting things and projects that I was taking part in, and I'm here today writing to you guys to tell you all about two of these projects, and I'm so excited to here your opinion. I'd also just like to say that I am ridiculously greatful for all the support I have received from all of you over the past couple years, I went from being a ridiculously awkward teenager who never felt like her voice was worth being heard to someone who has over 600 subscribers to her blog! I also come from a tiny welsh village, so it's even more incredible that I've had this much love and support from all over the world. Yes, I blog for my own enjoyment, but I also blog for you guys, because without you none of these opportunities would have been in my reach. So Cheers, have a cup of tea and a biscuit on me, and make it a chocolate one.
Images courtesy of Mooi En Lief

During the past couple months, I have become very close to the brand Mooi En Lief, and last month I blogged about styling my brother to suit one of their wellies designs (you can see that by clicking here) and I've been in contact with them for probably over six months. After working on the post they approached me to help them put a magazine together for the two kids fashion trade shows that they would be attending in London and Copenhagen, so this was a great opportunity, but also a fun little project for me to do! My friend Tolly featured her designs in it and an interview about Bundle, and there was also an article about their charity work and an art edit. It took us probably over a month to finish it all off since my exams were going on at the same time and I was trying to focus as much as I could, but the end result was amazing, and I couldn't have been more proud of something that me and Mooi did! The article above was written by me about the 'Shopping influences of a fashion conscious teenager', and we as a group decided it would be an interesting topic to write about.
It was genuinely the weirdest thing to actually write an editor's letter, I've always read them religiously before reading a magazine, and it just felt for a minute as if I was living a double life, a little bit like a wannabe Hannah Montana. I hope it turned out well and I didn't come of too keen or whatever, but it was just really strange I suppose being on the other side, actually writing, and then reading your own published words.

The next announcement I have for you all which you will probably know from twitter, but I was interviewed by a podcast station for Under 20's last week, and the interview went up yesterday. They edited it really well because they managed to make sure I didn't sound half as nervous as I actually was, and I'm basically just glad they got rid of my dodgy little moments where I had no idea what the flip I was gonna say. But it was really cool having my first ever recorded interview, and yet again I'm really proud of how I came across, because I was really scared I'd either come across as a little weakling or full of myself, and I hope to others I sounded like a decent person in their eyes too! To hear the interview, you can click here.

So I still have a lot of things in the works, and I can't wait to tell you all about it, but for now I have to keep my lips sealed and hope for the best, thanks for reading everyone.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Want of the week: Statement Necklaces

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday. I just washed the cars and finished revising for french, so I decided I'd write a little post since it's been a while. My last exam of year 10 will be over after this Monday, so I'm free to blog as much as I want, and I will most definitely take advantage of that. I've also had a lot of exciting opportunities lately to do with my blog, so I can't wait to tell you all more about that, and you can see on the right my 'featured in' section is steadily beginning to grow, which is exciting for me because every door that closes opens a new one for me, so I'm happy to get stuck in with as many projects as I possibly can!
So anyway, the topic of my post today is something that has long been on the scene, and everyone is trying to bag their on take on it for Summer, the statement necklace. Now I'm guiltily not much of a jewellery fan, since my wrists are too small, and rings just tend to fall off my fingers, but I am really into necklaces (as long as they don't drag me down because they're so heavy), and I've taken the latest trend of having a bright, fluorescent and heavy necklace under my wing.
So recently, I've shopped more and more in New Look, they're the kind of shop that either has a very good collection or a very bad one, but I think due to more competition from other high street shops, New Look have had to up their game, and in doing that are receiving better reviews (from me anyway). My friend Ceri has never shopped in New look for anything other than essentials there until this year, even she says their collection is good, which must be saying something! This necklace has great colours for me since I'm really into Lime green and blue's this season, they also go with yellow and white, so just a plain camo and jeans would make this an outfit perfect for a night out. I also like the other necklace from New look (right) because it's got more girl colours, but it's very loud, and could easily go with any colour, even if you clashed it with something.
My friends Birthday was last month, and since she's a big fan of River Island, I thought I'd go there and get her something. I bought this necklace for her because it had the perfect mix of girly and edgy, since my friend is also on the borderline, it was the ideal present for her. This necklace isn't really a major statement necklace that practically screams out to you when you look at it, it's more subtle, but can change your look drastically. Also, at a quite cheap price for statement necklaces, you can't go wrong.
I was just recently introduced to MONKI by a youtuber called Beauty Crush. Beauty Crush is probably my favourite youtuber apart from Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter, because she suffers from social anxiety, and speaks about it on advice videos to help some of her fans over come it. I may not have seirous social anxiety, but I am very bad at speaking to people since I'm so nervous and awkward, so I think watching her videos comfort me a little, and I appreciate her videos more because of that. Anyway, back to the bling. This is also a more subtle take on the statement necklace, but I do really like it because it's quite light (I've tried it on), and the orange and grey go well together. It's also £8, so it won't break your bank if you decide to go for it.
Zara has always been one of my favourites, because it's really smart chic, and just takes me back to being in Paris in January. This Necklace is a bit more 'ethical' and the beads kind of look like splotches of paint on your skin, and it's a very arty take on the trend. It's kind of expensive, but not too bad seeing as it's Zara.
I thought I'd finish off with this necklace, since it's probably the one that I would end up buying. I'm a big fan, scratch that, huge fan of pink and red colour blocking, so when I saw this I basically fell in love. It's name is also quite funny, it's called a 'bib necklace', and the shape of it is almost scalloped. 

Thanks for reading, and what's your opinion on statement necklaces?

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Kendall Jenner: Reality Girl Turned High Fashion

Hi Everyone!
So I've always been a big fan of the Kardashian famalam, whether I like it or not I always find myself flicking over to E! to see what they're up to, but usually it's to see what they're wearing I promise. I never really noticed Kylie and Kendall Jenner until they were suddenly sixteen and I was like... already?! I'm not a very big fan of their personalities, even though they are pretty hilarious sometimes since they just are so oblivious it hurts. But recently I've been keeping my eye on Kendall and have realised that she's been dominating the high fashion world, and to be honest my first instinct was to be surprised. It's not every day you see a reality tv star walk the runway for none other than Marc Jacobs in Paris, and then later on in London for others. It came as a huge surprise to me, and a lot of other fashion critics also. Some said that she hadn't worked for it, and wasn't even a good model. However, I don't entirely agree. You can obviously see on the catwalk that she takes this whole industry seriously, and she has been wanting to be a model for sometime now. But maybe, she might have had some help to get the jobs by using her families connections, since the Kardashion/Jenner empire is quite large thanks to her mother who is a working machine, Kris.
Marc Jacobs Catwalk, February 2014, PFW

Kendall caused huge controversy even more with her nipples on show on the catwalk, which I don't think is necessarily fair, since she is 18 now so it isn't like she is underaged or my age, she's almost a woman, and she's even driving. But also, how many catwalk shows nowadays have you seen where the models are showing the same amount of skin? Exactly, so I think it is unfair to treat her differently, even if she's a reality tv celebrity. I also think she chose this catwalk on purpose, since the controversial clothing is getting her even more attention in the fashion world, so more and more designers will scout her to star on their catwalks and campaigns, which I think is an idea from both her part and her mothers. She has been brought up in the celebrity world and her mother manages all of the Kardashians, so together, they know how to get the media's attention, more than usual when they want.
Images courtesy of national post

Kendall also recently caught the eyes of people in the industry last week when she walked the red carpet for the MMVA's, where her and her sister both changed several times on the night. But this was her red carpet gown, and it's definitely edgy. The model is shown in a full length dress, which hugs her top section before turning into a maxi skirt, where it has two slits dangerously near her crotch area. Her stylist said that they taped the dress down strategically so that she wouldn't have any awkward dress malfunctions, since it was obvious that she wasn't wearing any underwear. A lot of people commented (yet again) that the dress was too risky for her, and that it was 'over the top', but again, I have to disagree with them. She wore this dress for a reason, and she isn't a little girl anymore, which she is slowly introducing to the world. At the end of the day I think it's a gorgeous dress and perfect for her, the only thing I dislike about it are the shoulders, they are a bit 'frumpy' I reckon. I also really like the embellishments, and how the dress isn't too regal for the awards. She's making a statement, and I love it.

So what do you think of Kendall Jenner being in the high fashion? Do you think she's deserved it and will fit in, or do you think it's not suited for her? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, 26 May 2014

James Does Modelling: Mooi en Lief Collab ♥

Well hey everyone!
I'm really sorry I haven't posted in a week, you see my internet has been down for about two weeks and I've been angry as poop because of it. So today I thought I would post a collab that I have been working on for about three months now and because of exams and dodgy internet, it has been hard at times to be able to keep going with the project, but I have finally completed the first part of it, and that part is a lookbook!
Now I never usually do fashion lookbooks or anything that really features myself or anyone else that has been styled in it, mainly because I'm more of a writer than a model, and also people that I know read my blog, and I'd rather not work really hard on a project for someone to make fun of it, and as you've seen from some of my ootd's, I'm not exactly 'model material', I'm just a normal awkward teen who doesn't like the camera. But when I got the opportunity from a dutch company called Mooi En Lief to help with boosting awareness of their brand that's recently been released in the UK, I knew I couldn't say no.
Checked Shirt: Debenhams // Jeans: M&S // Wellies: Mooi En Lief*
To Fill you guys in, Mooi En Lief are a wellies brand that caters for kids, they have tones of cool and quirky designs that kids can choose from, and they are more of a statement to me than just your average wellies. I was given the task from the company, to style two pairs of wellies for kids, and since I have a ten year old brother (pictures above) I thought it would be perfect to style myself and him, so you can see how boys and girls would wear them. James is a cool little guy, and when he saw the boots he got genuinely excited, he said they were the 'coolest things ever' and I think he was probably more if not as excited to do this project as I was! So let's get on with the post so I can show you how I styled the little dude. I styled James in their wellie 'safety' which is a cool and colourful choice, I think you can definitely change it up, and it can suit both genders styles like most of their other designs. They also come in handy if you're walking in the dark, since the yellow is very bright, so you'll be more noticeable. James really liked them because they were comfy, and he could go and have a play in them, but also run around, which is what he tends to do. But unlike other wellies, they are easy to move around in. They're also very stylish for kids depending on what they wear, so they can go anywhere with them on, they aren't just for playing around! I took James shopping with them on, and they actually went well with his outfit, so they shouldn't be treated as a 'fashion faux pas' they are more of just an eccentric spin on the usual boots.
So for his clothes, I decided to go simple at the bottom. Every boy should have tones of pairs of jeans in their wardrobe, and I got James' from M&S I think, which is pretty weird because I never really expect to find anything I want from Marks, but they've actually got a great kids collection there, and some things there are really affordable for what you're looking for! The shirt is from Debenhams, and it's cool because it's got a grey detachable hood, so depending on the kids style, they can dress up or dress down with it.
So living in the country on a sunny day is a pretty good place to take some shots, so we went over to the fields next door (which luckily wasn't populated by sheep) and took some pictures, and if you look behind James' shoulder you can see the valley, which is pretty nice for walking and just having a breath of fresh air. I thought because of the backdrop, I'd get James into a more summery outfit, which means ditching the jeans and going for some three quarter length shorts. I got these cheap from Next, but you can always go DIY and just cut some old jeans up and get almost the same finish if you roll them up at the end. I also got the top from Next as part of a two pack (the next top is the other that came in the pack) and I think this is one of my favourites! It's got a really boyish style to it, and I'm obsessed with sports teams on t-shirts, whether it's for me or something I'm buying for James. It's white, and if you have a son or a daughter or a younger brother like I do, you'll know how hard it is to keep fresh whites clean, so as soon as we'd taken these photos he was already rolling down the hill in front of us. Typical James. James preferred the shorts to the jeans since he felt 'free' as he told me (I don't know exactly what he means by this to be fair). 

For James' final look I decided to go for Grey Jeans and a Navy T-shirt to see if they would go, and luckily they did! This is probably my favourite look for him, and I'm so excited for him to start wearing it around, because it really suits him. So all in all I had a great time styling them for James, he was great fun and bless him, really cooperative! He really loves the wellies and the other day he brought his friends around, and I now think that they are a little jealous of him for having them! They are great for every kid, and there are plenty of styles on the website for every kids style.
So I hope you enjoyed this styled post, I know I did making it! If you fancy having a look at their other wellies, feel free! The next collab with them will be myself in their 'army' wellies, and I can't wait to show you the outfits I came up with. Which outfit did you like best on James and why? Or which one would you wear if you were him? Let me know, and thanks for reading,