Sunday, 17 August 2014

Disney's New Generation: The New Faces of Fashion?

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I'm really sorry I haven't posted, there has been an interview I've been waiting to do but the interviewee hasn't replied with the answers to the questions since she is busy, and that's completely fine but I had planned for that to be my next post haha! But I'm back with a new post that will probably have mixed opinions on whether it is actually true, since Disney's new shows have been receiving a lot, and I mean a lot of negative comments from people who were brought up watching the 'classics', such as Even stevens, Lizzie Mcguire and That's so raven. But there is also the '2nd generation' fans who believe this was the best time for Disney, this one includes the most well known probably, which are Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, and The Suite Life of Zac and Cody.
 All of these stars are now 21 and over, so they've obviously grown up and developed their own style. But what I've come to notice with the new stars of Disney in shows 'Shake it Up', 'Liv and Maddie', 'Jessie', and my personal favourite (the most awful) 'Dog With A Blog', that they are styled really well that I'm beginning to get wardrobe envy. They definitely get disses for their shows, but with their outfits, it's hard to make a bad comment about their fashion when they look as good as they do right now.
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I've had an eye on Bella Thorne's style (Who starred in Shake it up) for quite some time. When I first watched Shake it Up I think I was about 11 but soon lost interest since it wasn't very good in it's early days, but towards the end it turned out quite well, it kind of became my guilty pleasure, and I used to watch it with my brother before he went to bed since he's a big fan of Disney Channel too.
The Seventeen (or Sixteen) year old is actually a very talented actress, as we saw in 'Blended' earlier this year in which she starred in with hollywood stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. I think she'll continue acting and will definitely  make a name for herself in Hollywood if she makes the right choices. She's best friends with a lot of the Disney stars including her co star for shake it up, Zendaya, who recently won the Candies Teen Choice award for Style Icon 2014, and Bella was very honoured to present the award to Zendaya herself!
So I'm pretty sure Bella has either been seriously influenced in the past year by fashion or hired another Stylist, because her wardrobe is honestly something I wouldn't mind having a look through. Her style is very colourful and summery, including her huge collection of heels, I mean that girl must have serious balance skills to wear the shoes I've seen her in! She's a very delicate looking girl, and doesn't experiment to much with her makeup, but some of her hair looks are just amazing! I'd love to have her colour hair, and I'm pretty sure she has dyed it to be more 'gingery' since back in 2010, her shade was more of a dark brown than a red.
The second one to watch is Dove Cameron. At first I thought this girl was either fifteen or maybe sixteen years old, but in fact she's eighteen already! The difference she has compared to the other girls is that she hasn't 'grown up' on Disney, since her show only first aired last year, which means Liv and Maddie won't be a show airing as long as Shake it Up or Hannah Montana, since she's already at the age where a lot of Disney girls start to think about leaving. I really like Dove Cameron's closet, since she is obviously a classic kind of girl, and sticks with a lot of cool colours in her wardrobe, sticking to the wholesome image that Disney likes it's actresses to have. I'd definitely look at her wardrobe for inspiration for a fancy night out or even a wedding, there's also something very regal about her style. 
Peyton List is only sixteen, and is already catching the eyes of Teen Vogue, and Seventeen! Her colourful wardrobe and personality has been noticed by a lot of magazines, and she's definitely making herself a name in the celebrity world already. Her show which she is featured on called 'Jessie', has had three seasons and they are currently filming the last Season which will air later this year in America. She has a lot of followers on her social media, and is good friends with previous Disney stars, who have obviously given her some advice on how to make the paparazzi and media love her. She has also caught the eye of the brand 'Alice and Olivia' since she recently went to New York to meet the designer and look at the new collection which will hit this Autumn.
Peyton is a lot more riskier with her fashion choices than a lot of the others, since she wears some outfits that are childish and some that really show her age. All of the Disney stars have to remember how to behave since they receive a lot of pressure to be good 'role models' for the girls that grow up watching their shows. Peyton will definitely be on the Disney Channel for a lot longer, and I won't be surprised if she gets a role in Disney's next big original movie. She might also have some modelling jobs, since a lot of brands have already expressed their interest in her.

So what do you think of the new Disney Cast? Do you think their style is awful or adorable? Let me know in the comments below!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Sandra Hagelstam X River Island

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I hope you're all having a great Monday, and if you're just coming home from work and reading this after a long and boring day, this will be great news to anyone's ears. A well known high street brand is releasing a shoe collection with finnish blogger from 5 inch and up, Sandra Hagelstam. So get ready to pre order, because I have a strong feeling that this collection, due to it's designer's popularity, will fly off the shelves.
images courtesy of Company
Due for release this Autumn in the UK, the shoe collection consists mainly of heels, the classier the better. Sandra started her blog in 2010 whilst studying at the London College of fashion, so it's not a surprise that she's built up enough networking power to grab her a design contract with one of the biggest companies on the high street today. The range stays true to Sandra's style, showing her favouritism for heels hence her blog title '5 inch and up' I assume. With six different styles including a court shoe, knee high boots, and mock snake and croc ankle boots. 
Sandra also one awards at the Style Blogger Awards 2012 for Company Magazine, so her career has steadily become more successful in the past four years.
Being interviewed recently about her debut collection for the brand, Sandra said 'I am so excited and honoured to be working with River Island on this fantastic collaboration, I can't wait to see it launch instore and online. I've aimed to design a powerful and seductive collection for strong women who understand the importance of a simplified statement shoe and I'm eager to see how women will be styling the range. It's been a fantastic experience working with the great team of buyers and designers at River Island in creating this collection and I hope it will be as fun to wear as it has been to design the shoes.' 
At a price most of my age group could not afford, the collection starts at £85 and goes up to £185, So unless I come into some big money soon, I'll sadly just be window shopping from this collection and eyeing it up. But for women who are more shoe centred than me and actually have a full time job, I bet they'll be drooling and can't wait to snap these up. Since the official pictures haven't been released yet, no one can be sure on what the colours or patterns will be, but I expect there to be a lot of black and nude. 

The 5 inch and up collection will be instore and online at River Island.
Thanks for reading, and are you excited for this latest Blogger x Brand collab?

Saturday, 2 August 2014

♥ Sleek Palette:The 'IT' Autumn/Winter Palette ♥

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I hope you're all having a really nice friday morning! Today I thought I'd write about a subject that I haven't really been a fan of writing about for a year, which is beauty. I fell out of the loop with beauty bloggers because I wasn't really an expert in it, and I was only young and hardly ever wore makeup, so I didn't really feel like it was a topic where I'd be able to give an honest opinion, since I knew hardly anything about it. But since the start of year 10 last september, I've been experimenting with different makeup looks and products to find out which suit me best or which one I favourite. And there is a distinct pattern in eye makeup, I'm obsessed with it! I'm not very good at eyeliner, but I have at least three different eyeshadow palettes, and whenever I go into boots I always look at the palettes that they have. 
Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my nails showing up in some of the photos haha, I took the photos with my Dad's phone (Samsung Note Something or other) because I have misplaced my other camera, but the pictures came out well quality wise, so I decided to include them.
Sleek was always the stand I'd go to first, since their palettes are so gorgeous and very classic, my eyes are always glued to them. They had about five palettes on display and I was struggling to choose between the I think it was 'Nudes' palette and 'Storm' palette, but after a while I decided it would be best to go with the storm palette, since my other palettes looked exactly like the other. They weren't the most expensive things in the world, and at £7.99, I wasn't breaking the bank.
I'd definitely call this my first 'proffesh' palette, since all the others were gifts from friends in a set, or something that my mum or grandma had passed down to me, but it is a great starter palette for people who aren't really sure whether they want to spend a lot for something they won't use, and probably will never touch. Sleek have collections that range from colours like Nudes and Metallics, to Neons and Pastels, so you can choose whether you want to be daring or not. I think one day I might buy one of the more 'in your face' palettes just to mess around with, since some of the colours are amazing. 
To apply the eyeshadow, I'm a big fan of the Eco Tools Collection since they are inexpensive and also enviromentally friendly. They are made out of bamboo as well. So here are the names of the colours, I use 'blackout' for eyeliner sometimes and it's actually really matte and stays quite well. You could easily make a Summer version of the smokey eye with these tones, and I think I'm going to be experimenting a lot with it.

Thanks for reading, and what eye shadow palette did you first start on? Let me know in the comments down below!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Jada Sezer: Body & Confidence

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I hope you're all having a great summer holiday. I know I haven't been posting a lot recently, but I promise I haven't spent all of that time sitting on my bum! I've been keeping up on all the latest stories ready to post for your pleasure! I also might a fortnight period at the start of August where I post everyday for two weeks, so let me know if you all like that and if enough people are interested, I'll start planning towards that! I also have some pretty cool news, I am officially fifteen. It feels really weird because I started this blog when I was just twelve years old, so that's basically almost three years of my life spent working hard (and loving every second) of making this blog. I'm never embarassed of it at all, and it's so special I'm glad to call it my own.

So I'm blogging today about a recent woman I've come across who has made me feel really refreshed and happy about the media today and how it is slowly changing to accept curvier woman, and how more and more ladies and men of all shapes and sizes are being accepted into the media, behind and in front of the camera, and that woman is Jada Sezer. I found out about her after watching a video on 'Ugly Face of Beauty' aka Gracie Francesca's channel, which was a Q&A about her modelling career and how she found herself slap bang in the middle of one of the most cut throat industries there ever was. I've mentioned Gracie's youtube in a lot of my posts because I think she's a great and healthy person for women to aspire to be like. She has had her ups and downs with her confidence and health, but has learnt to overcome it, even though she is still fighting her demons everyday.
images courtesy of asos curve
Jada was studying in college when she decided to be a model, and as a child, media had never really pressured her into making any changes about her weight or how she looked. She started her career by doing a shoot and posting some pictures up on facebook, they then were noticed by some agencies, and she did a couple more shoots before sending them out, hoping for agencies to accept. As time went by she had more photo shoots with bigger brands and magazines, and she even ended up as being the face of the first ever plus sized fashion week. I was researching her a little more before I wrote this post, and it came up with a quote she said which read ''The ones that say you can't or won't are probably scared that 'you will' step out of your comfort zone and start really living life''. I chose to write about Jada because she has done so well for herself, and even though she isn't a twig model, she is healthy and happy. Jada finds it important to exercise to keep herself healthy but not to lose weight, since she is happy of her size already. She is pictured above in one of the 'asos curve' collections, and she dominates as the main model for the majority of their sites clothes.

images courtesy of
Whether you like it or not, Jada is powering her way through the modelling industry, taking every job or achievement she gets in her stride, and whether you know it or not, she is changing it for the absolute better. I can't even tell you how happy it makes me feel that a woman who is Size 16 and healthy is big in the business, since I am growing up in a world where if you don't go to the gym once a week you're a lazy pig, and if you go out to eat in a fast food restaurant, you're fat. Yes, I'm only 15, but media are pressuring young girls and boys to believe you have to be a size 6 or a size XS because 'everyone else is', and it is damaging, not only for my generations confidence, but, if media is as awful as it is now in 50 years, our children's.  I know I'm going all serious on this matter, but it is a very serious topic that we need to change people's views on, and I believe strong, independent woman like Jada can help our society do so. The important thing to remember is that women come in all shapes and sizes, but as long as they're healthy, that's the important thing.
Whilst looking today at different articles that Jada has been featured in, I discovered a great website called Style has no Size. The woman who runs it is called Edith Dohmen, and she is a fashion stylist from the Netherlands. She's a UK Size 16-18, and created the website/blog to 'Show Women and girls with larger sizes can look stylish and beautiful as well'. It was a very uplifting thing to read, so if you want to have a look at that you can. Also, here is the link for the great interview on 'Ugly Face of Beauty' for you to enjoy.
Thanks for reading, and hopefully August will be my month to blog as much as I want!