Sunday, 14 September 2014

Reach Higher: Is Youtube the way to address young people's issues?

Hi Everyone!
I'm a big fan of the youtube community, I mean shamefully I probably watch more videos than I read blogs, but the point is it's a great platform for people of all ages if they use it correctly, like Tyler Oakley. Tyler is a well known youtuber that most of you will know about since he's become part of the celebrity world recently, and has worked with the likes of One Direction, Zoella, and Darren Criss on his channel. His latest collab was with none other than the first lady herself, Michelle Obama. I think the Obama family are a very down to earth group of people, and they definitely know which ways are the best to talk about problems that America is facing every day, and that's what I'm going to write about today. I know a lot of people like blogs to stick to their preferred subject, but since journalism is something I take a lot of interest in, whenever I see an interesting discussion or something happening, especially to do with young people, I like to discuss it on social media, but I'm thinking of bringing it to my blog! So let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this in the future.
I think trying to get through to young people is quite difficult these days, we definitely don't respect older people or adults like our parents did, and I think we also find it hard to listen to them when they most of the time have our best interest at heart. I know in my school we get a lot of presentations about problems and dangers we are facing at our age, and even though it may inform us for the hour that we're in the room, as soon as we step outside, we forget about it. But why is that? In my opinion, I think it's because they aren't doing it right. They're not putting these problems in a way that we, as a generation who use more time up on computers than we spend going outside, can understand. But things are slowly changing. 

In Tyler's video, they spoke about education and how important the scheme Michelle Obama is fronting called 'Reach Higher' is, but The First Lady and Tyler Oakley make the video light and fun, so it doesn't feel as if they're pressuring us. Michelle Obama has realised where she needs to go to get the attention of young people, and that's why she has had 44 cameo appearances (stats in 2012) on television, including several kids tv shows, such as iCarly, Jessie, and for younger children she's starred in Sesame Street, following First lady Laura Bush, and Hilary Clinton. She cleverly uses these cameos to boost awareness of her campaigns, and she even appeared on 'Biggest Loser' to talk about her 'Let's Move' initiative to make America healthier.
I think other countries politicians need to follow Michelle Obama's steps, since she's making America aware of campaigns through the Media even if we don't realise she is, and I respect her a lot for that. So what do you think of Michelle Obama, do you think what she's doing is benefiting America and helping or is it just another way for young people to ignore the important choices they have to face in life? Let me know in the comments, thanks for reading and I'll speak to you all very soon.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Company's Final Issue: End of an Era?

When I first started blogging back in 2012, I always read Company and nothing else, and I knew the exact reason why. Nowadays in my opinion pretty much all fashion magazines are the same, they all have big interviews with stars from the latest blockbuster movies, they all pretty much write the same way, and the shampoo advertisements are endless. I wasn't brought up as a magazine kid, my parents much preferred me reading books than anything else because they knew they were a better buy, and I wouldn't just want them for the free gift. But when I first saw Company I knew it was different just from reading the cover, and that's how my love affair with (in my opinion) the iconic style magazine.
I felt like the journalists featured each month were speaking personally to me, and the informal take on fashion really had me hooked from early days. I actually met the editor last year at the Company Style Blogger Awards, but since I'm not good with people, as I handed her a business card, they all fell on the floor, and there she was, the woman who I wanted to be my future boss hopefully, picking my amateur business cards up off the floor with me, and looking fabulous doing it. After that I swore I was going to see her again and make a better impression because since the age of about twelve I'd wanted to work for Company, and to be perfectly honest I still do.

I don't know what it was really that kept me buying the magazine each month, whether it was the hilarious columns by Gemma or Jameela, or the very funny yet highly underestimated back of it where they'd have a 'unlikely style icon', these included Bewitched!, Dolly Parton, or even Puss in Boots. It was also a very healthy reading material for teenage girls or boys to read since they supported the blogger community a lot, and they didn't have advertisements with skinny women all over the place.
But since our generation are getting more and more techy, is it time to say goodbye to magazines? Could it be the end of an era? I was brought up on nursery rhymes and cat in the hat, nowadays children are being brought up with storytime apps on the ipad, or a kindle. So when the younger generation of now start to grow up, will they think that holding a magazine and book in hand and feeling the pages will be old fashioned? 

So because of that controversial topic, Company have decided to end their publications and go digital. It genuinely upsets me because so many magazines this year all around the world have already gone out of print all together or gone digital, it's just how media technology is progressing and getting bigger and 'better'. 
So what do you think of magazines changing and going online? Do you prefer magazines in your hand or digitally?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Interview: Catherine Jones // Fashion Promotion Student

Hi Everyone!
I hope you've all had a great Summer holiday if you are still in school, and by the time I post this if you've gone back to school then I'm sorry but I hope you made the most of your six weeks off! I'm going back next week which is a little nerve racking but I am prepared to some extent so hopefully this year should go ok! But anyway,still on the topic of school (sort of), I interviewed my Mum's friends daughter recently who is about to start her second year of her bachelor honours in Fashion promotion. I thought this would be a great platform for you guys who are interested in fashion as a degree but no sure what side of it you'd like to study, and it'll give you a better idea of what you'd do on this course and so on. I know I'm only in year 11 but I'm definitely struggling with figuring out what I want to do for college so this definitely helped me understand a bit better. But now I'll pass you onto Catherine!

I am about to start my second year at UCLan (University of Central Lancashire) studying a 4 year Bachelor of Honors Sandwich Degree in Fashion Promotion. My first year was very eventful, adjusting to moving away from home, living with strangers and making new friends was daunting at first but was a great experience and I encourage everyone to do so.
 I love my course and have some amazingly talented course mates. My most enjoyable moment of my first year was our research trip to London back in December 2013 where we where asked to collect images of visual merchandising techniques and go exploring and shopping which i loved as it was my first time to London. I also enjoyed our regular research task days out to Manchester and exploring the fleet markets of Preston. Although when it came to deadline time, everyone was very stressed and we spent a few 'all nighters' in the Library.

I've always been creative and arty from a young age and my interest in fashion grew whilst I was in high school in Ysgol Brynhyfryd, Ruthin and Studied Art, Textiles, Graphics at GCSE and Product Design (Textiles), Photography, Fine Art and Media Studies at A Level. 
During my first year of uni my tutors, Sally and Holly were great sources of inspiration and were great fun to brainstorm ideas with. I also gained a lot of inspiration from my course mates who came from all over the world and brought their own style and creative flair with them so it really opened up my mind and got my thinking outside the box. Everyone was full of ideas and inspiration just bounced around off everyone. I found a lot of social media platforms very useful when planning a project and gathering ideas such as instagram, tumblr, weheartit and most of all Pinterest. I can't stress enough how useful and important it is to have a Pinterest page were you can gather photos together into simple inspirational mood boards which really help you at the beginning of a project and gathering ideas and motivation along the way, think of it as a virtual sketchbook!

If i was able to study anywhere in the world, I would travel about as much as possible, it's my dream to travel the world. I'm a countryside and outdoors person so the big cities don't appeal to me so I'd love to study in Scandinavia, Canada or anywhere with beautiful views through the winter and be on a beach somewhere in the Mediterranean during the summer! 
I'm really enjoying my course so far and am eager to start my second year, catch up with all the fashion girls and find out what my new briefs for the year will be. Also I will meet my placement tutor who will introduce me to the different fashion industries and help secure my placements for my 3rd sandwich year out of uni. 
This year I loved the monochrome and pastels trends, and went a bit crazy for the big statement necklaces, I bought new ones every time I went shopping.  Now the autumn collections are coming out I'm really excited to see which colours and prints are going to be popular as winter is my favorite time of year for fashion, you can't beat the big cozy jumpers, fluffy fur lined coats and leather boots. 

I tend to dress for casual comfort day to day, so my go to thing would probably be my skinny jeans, whatever the colour they are easy put an outfit together with and you can dress them up or down, however I do spend most of my days in my Le Chameau Wellies working outside. 

My tips for anyone wanting to do a fashion course in uni would probably be to firstly do your very best at school and college to get good marks, have interesting hobbies and interests which inspire you and make you stand out from the crowd, have a strong and interesting social media presence where you can express you interests, try to build up a creative portfolio of your own work over the years which you can take along to any interview you may have, and finally find time to have a blog, I don't have one myself but my friends who do work really hard on them and universities and employers love them! 
I hope you liked this interview, and let me know whether you'd be interested in this type of course down below in the comments if you're still figuring out what you'd like to do in uni!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Disney's New Generation: The New Faces of Fashion?

Hi Everyone!
I'm really sorry I haven't posted, there has been an interview I've been waiting to do but the interviewee hasn't replied with the answers to the questions since she is busy, and that's completely fine but I had planned for that to be my next post haha! But I'm back with a new post that will probably have mixed opinions on whether it is actually true, since Disney's new shows have been receiving a lot, and I mean a lot of negative comments from people who were brought up watching the 'classics', such as Even stevens, Lizzie Mcguire and That's so raven. But there is also the '2nd generation' fans who believe this was the best time for Disney, this one includes the most well known probably, which are Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, and The Suite Life of Zac and Cody.
 All of these stars are now 21 and over, so they've obviously grown up and developed their own style. But what I've come to notice with the new stars of Disney in shows 'Shake it Up', 'Liv and Maddie', 'Jessie', and my personal favourite (the most awful) 'Dog With A Blog', that they are styled really well that I'm beginning to get wardrobe envy. They definitely get disses for their shows, but with their outfits, it's hard to make a bad comment about their fashion when they look as good as they do right now.
photo courtesy of
I've had an eye on Bella Thorne's style (Who starred in Shake it up) for quite some time. When I first watched Shake it Up I think I was about 11 but soon lost interest since it wasn't very good in it's early days, but towards the end it turned out quite well, it kind of became my guilty pleasure, and I used to watch it with my brother before he went to bed since he's a big fan of Disney Channel too.
The Seventeen (or Sixteen) year old is actually a very talented actress, as we saw in 'Blended' earlier this year in which she starred in with hollywood stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. I think she'll continue acting and will definitely  make a name for herself in Hollywood if she makes the right choices. She's best friends with a lot of the Disney stars including her co star for shake it up, Zendaya, who recently won the Candies Teen Choice award for Style Icon 2014, and Bella was very honoured to present the award to Zendaya herself!
So I'm pretty sure Bella has either been seriously influenced in the past year by fashion or hired another Stylist, because her wardrobe is honestly something I wouldn't mind having a look through. Her style is very colourful and summery, including her huge collection of heels, I mean that girl must have serious balance skills to wear the shoes I've seen her in! She's a very delicate looking girl, and doesn't experiment to much with her makeup, but some of her hair looks are just amazing! I'd love to have her colour hair, and I'm pretty sure she has dyed it to be more 'gingery' since back in 2010, her shade was more of a dark brown than a red.
The second one to watch is Dove Cameron. At first I thought this girl was either fifteen or maybe sixteen years old, but in fact she's eighteen already! The difference she has compared to the other girls is that she hasn't 'grown up' on Disney, since her show only first aired last year, which means Liv and Maddie won't be a show airing as long as Shake it Up or Hannah Montana, since she's already at the age where a lot of Disney girls start to think about leaving. I really like Dove Cameron's closet, since she is obviously a classic kind of girl, and sticks with a lot of cool colours in her wardrobe, sticking to the wholesome image that Disney likes it's actresses to have. I'd definitely look at her wardrobe for inspiration for a fancy night out or even a wedding, there's also something very regal about her style. 
Peyton List is only sixteen, and is already catching the eyes of Teen Vogue, and Seventeen! Her colourful wardrobe and personality has been noticed by a lot of magazines, and she's definitely making herself a name in the celebrity world already. Her show which she is featured on called 'Jessie', has had three seasons and they are currently filming the last Season which will air later this year in America. She has a lot of followers on her social media, and is good friends with previous Disney stars, who have obviously given her some advice on how to make the paparazzi and media love her. She has also caught the eye of the brand 'Alice and Olivia' since she recently went to New York to meet the designer and look at the new collection which will hit this Autumn.
Peyton is a lot more riskier with her fashion choices than a lot of the others, since she wears some outfits that are childish and some that really show her age. All of the Disney stars have to remember how to behave since they receive a lot of pressure to be good 'role models' for the girls that grow up watching their shows. Peyton will definitely be on the Disney Channel for a lot longer, and I won't be surprised if she gets a role in Disney's next big original movie. She might also have some modelling jobs, since a lot of brands have already expressed their interest in her.

So what do you think of the new Disney Cast? Do you think their style is awful or adorable? Let me know in the comments below!